About Course

Since its inception in 1999, Leagues Clubs Australia along with the wonderful support of Aristocrat, has run the Gaming Management Development Course (GMDC) for up and coming gaming personnel within Leagues and other Clubs.

Every year the GMDC continues to go from strength to strength. The last course had approximately 50 separate presentations delivered by nearly 40 highly regarded speakers within the Club Industry. The topics are carefully selected and relevant to broadening the knowledge of participants on all aspects of the Club Industry but with a primary focus on gaming.

The course covers a wide variety of gaming related subjects, including: Analysis, Security, Role of Government in Gaming, Link Progressives, Ethics, Board Reports, Training, Management Systems, Marketing, Promotions and many more topics.

The course offers the opportunity for three (3) participants to win bursaries, one of which is a visit to Las Vegas and attend a course at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. The other two (2) are 3 day study trips to Melbourne involving venue tours including meeting with key personnel at Crown Casino.

The GMDC course (outside COVID conditions) runs as follows:

  • Course Nominations open – July each year
  • Course Commencement Date – August each year
  • Sessions – 1 day per month for 10 months
  • Venues – Aristocrat Showroom/head office and then selected Leagues Clubs
  • Typical Session Day – 10 am to 4 pm (where possible normally a Thursday in the 2nd/3rd week)
  • Course Conclusion – June the following year
  • Class Assessments – To be completed following each session.
  • Major Project – To be completed by mid June.
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