About Us


Originally known as The Registered Leagues Clubs Association of New South Wales, the Association was formed in 1961 for the express purpose of ensuring that the interests of licenced Leagues Clubs were better represented in both Government and industry forums, and to develop a cooperative buying culture between member clubs.

The Association’s founders, which included well known industry leaders Arthur Robinson, Keith Nolan and Jack Martin, were determined that in every political and industry forum, the interests of Leagues Clubs (of all sizes) across NSW would be considered whenever the future of the club movement was being considered.

The founders of the Association will be proud to know that the commitment to ensuring that the interests of Leagues Clubs are well represented, and is as strong today, as it was in 1961.

For the first 36 years of the Associations history, all work was done on an honorary basis, however in 1997 the Board of Directors of the Association appointed David Costello as full time Chief Executive Officer. With Queensland clubs joining the association, the Leagues Clubs’ Association of NSW formally changed its name to LEAGUES CLUBS AUSTRALIA in 2008.

Mission Statement

To represent, inform and support the needs of Member Clubs around Australia ensuring their ongoing commitment to Rugby League and the Community.

Key Objective

To provide member clubs with current, accurate and timely information on key industry issues and through a range of forums such as General and Chief Executive meetings, take direction from member clubs, that in conjunction with the Board of Directors, will formulate the Associations policy direction on all issues.

To represent the policy direction of member clubs at all available industry forums, including but not limited to: ClubsNSW State Council and ClubsNSW Gaming Advisory Committee (GAC).

To establish and maintain a working relationship with The Minister and Shadow Minister for Gaming and Racing and to communicate to Government and Opposition the thoughts of member clubs on all relevant industry issues, including all planned legislative and regulatory changes.

To encourage networking between member clubs of all sizes and in particular, develop and co-ordinate forums which will allow member clubs to discuss problems and events common to their day to day activities.

To encourage through training courses such as the Gaming Management Development Course (GMDC) a greater level of knowledge and understanding of the key elements of gaming management and through relationships with Responsible Gaming Service Providers, deliver a clear understanding of the importance of commitment to Harm Minimisation.

To provide, where necessary and at no cost, support to member clubs who require specific assistance in any area of industry activity.

To plan and co-ordinate member clubs specific conferences, trade days and product demonstrations, which further the awareness of key industry issues and product development and availability.

Board of Directors


Ian McCann

(President / Metropolitan Region)

Michael Wilkins

(Vice President / Southern Region)

Northen Region

Paul Cousins


Metropolitan Region

David Cartwright


Jim McClymont


Southern Region

Justin Charlish


Teresa Cavill-Jones



Emma Duxbury

(Communications & Marketing Manager)

Don Hammond

(Chief Executive Officer)

Katrina Hammond

(Executive Assistant)

Mark Hennelly

(Qld Membership Liaison Manager)