Jack Martin Award Recipient 2016 – Kevin Ingram

Kevin Ingram’s contribution to the club industry and the community cannot be overstated.

A long-standing resident of Mt Pritchard, Kevin has been a member of Mt Pritchard District & Community Club or Mounties as it’s now known, since 1972. He has proudly served on the Mounties Group Board of Directors for 36 years. During this time, Kevin served two terms (totalling 15 years) as  Vice President. He humbly admitted that he would never run for President against his good mate, the late Clive Edwards. On the sad passing of Clive in 2003, it seemed fitting that Kevin be elected as the Club’s next President.  He has held this role since then.

As only the sixth President in the Club’s 48-year history, Kevin has proudly displayed a commitment to growing local sport, fostering arts and culture, embracing community and reinvesting in facilities for members.Passionate about junior sport – and in particular, rugby league – Kevin has held a number of long-term positions in the game’s administration including Vice President and Treasurer of Parramatta Junior Rugby League (1970 – 1984 & 1985 – 2005 respectively) and Secretary of Liverpool City Rugby League Club (1959 – 1972). He has also been honoured as a life member of Liverpool City Rugby League Club, Parramatta District Rugby League Club and Parramatta District Junior Rugby League Club.

Kevin’s commitment to the development of young talent in the game hasn’t waned. He was instrumental in facilitating the partnership with the Canberra Raiders NRL Club in 2011, giving Mounties’ players a pathway into the NRL. His vision became a reality this year, with the first Mounties’ junior breaking into the NRL via this partnership and the current captain of the Mounties NSW Cup side being called into the Raiders’ ranks to compete in the NRL finals as the Canberra halfback.

Kevin’s unwavering desire to see the best for his community continues to inspire him and despite an endless list of personal achievements, it is Mounties Group’s enormous community contribution through the ClubGRANTS program, fundraising and additional sponsorships that Kevin considers the great success.

Since he took hold of the reins in 2003, Kevin has overseen a community support expenditure program totalling $61.6m In 2015/16, Mounties Group achieved its record level of community contribution – $6.2 million, and Kevin couldn’t be prouder.

With a distinguished club career under his belt, one could forgive this 84-year-old for wanting to slip into retirement and reflect on all that has been done. But that wouldn’t be Kevin.

Kevin and his Board have devised an ambitious long-term plan for the future. Over the last 18 years, the strength of Mounties, has given life to 4 smaller community clubs in the south-west and two heritage-rich clubs on the northern beaches. In particular, Kevin was at the forefront of the negotiations to amalgamate Mounties and Harbord Diggers in 2006. It was a last wish of the ill former President Clive Edwards. “You don’t leave until Harbord Diggers is up and running,” he instructed Kevin.  It’s a promise to a friend well kept as 2015 saw the masterplan for Australia’s first intergenerational club approved, with construction works commencing this year on a $200m development that will restore the Diggers spirit and return the club to its true pride of place in the industry.

Today, Kevin and his board are continuing to invest in the growth and diversification of the clubs they represent. They are relentless in their commitment to the community they serve and remain true to the values of those who established Mounties before them. The leadership that Kevin has provided will see Mounties Group forge a valuable legacy for decades and generations to come. Kevin Ingram is admired by all that know him for his outstanding contribution to sport and the community and is a worthy recipient of the prestigious Jack Martin Award.