About Lesson


  • A full course program was provided with your acceptance email. Note that session topics/presentations may change along with venue date and locations due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Session 1 Day 1 & 2 at Wynnum Manly (option: dinner and overnight stay on Wed) will commence on Thursday at 8.30am and finish by 3.30pm
  • Session 2 t Day 1 & 2 at Carina Leagues Club will start at 10.00am on Day 1 and finish at 3.30pm on Day 2.
  • Bring a calculator, pen and notepad to every session
  • Mobile phones are to be switched to silent during sessions.
  • Lunch is usually sandwiches – if you have a special dietary requirement, please advise


  • Attendance is recorded at each session and active participation will also be evaluated 
  • Attendance and participation will count toward your final course assessment mark
  • If absent from any session, handouts and assignments will be available via the GMDC Online area


  • Attendees are requested to wear business attire.


  • All correspondence will be emailed and it is up to attendees to advise on any amendments to email addresses if required.
  • Attendees may have more than one email address (i.e. work and personal address) for correspondence if they prefer.
  • If an email is rejected by your ISP and/or system, they will not be resent.


  • All presenters share their knowledge freely and give their time at no cost to the GMDC and it is expected they will receive the respect they deserve. 

Assessment Tasks

  • Any session tasks/quizzes (along with assignments and the project) that are to be evaluated for assessment purposes need to be addressed in an appropriate manner (i.e. attendee’s own work presented in professional manner) and completed within the given time frame.


  • An assignment will be issued within 72 hours of each session via a copy posted on the GMDC Online area.
  • Assignments are to be submitted via the GMDC Online area.
  • Assignments are due 3 weeks after receipt. 
  • Late submissions attract a 10% penalty per day; 3 day maximum
  • In general there is a NO EXTENSION POLICY; however, unforeseen circumstances will be reviewed on merit. Any extension request MUST be lodged PRIOR to the due date.
  • Marked assignments will be returned at the next session.
  • Attendees may appeal (within a week of the return of your assignment) if they disagree with the mark – no appeal for sickness, leave, late submission or questions/parts missed.
  • If the appeal is successful the attendee will be advised and the amended mark updated as part of the overall assessment marks.
  • If the appeal is unsuccessful the attendee will be advised the reasons why (no further correspondence)
  • The GMDC Online area will confirm if a successful upload of your assignment has occurred.
  • If you are unable to successfully submit via the GMDC Online area, you can submit via email to Mark. If that also fails you must contact Mark via phone first thing on the next working day after the due date.


  • The Project will be issued after Session 2 via the GMDC Online Area.
  • The project is to be submitted in hard copy by due date via post to the LCA postal address
  • If unable to submit on the due date arrangements must be confirmed prior.
  • All sections are to be submitted in typed, professionally presented hard copy. The sections are to be separated for marking purposes so please submit each section in its own plastic sleeve, stapled or other professional format – and each section is to have the attendee’s name on it.
  • Late submissions attract a 10% penalty per day; maximum 3 days.
  • There is no appeal process.
  • Attendees will not be advised of any missing sections / questions.
  • Marked projects will be returned at Session 5.


  • All marks are considered confidential and will not be supplied to other attendees.
  • The success of an individual’s course completion will be based on overall marks expressed in the following ratio:

                        Attendance & Participation:                     30% 
                        Assessment Tasks & Assignments:         70% 
                        COURSE ASSESSMENT –                      100%

  • At the completion of the course the attendee’s marks for all areas above will be supplied to their Club CEO.